The Page Turner | Rube Goldberg - January 2016


Creme That Egg! | How To Squish A Creme Egg!

A Rube Goldberg machine to squish a Creme Egg.

The Dresser - Rube Goldberg Machine for Getting Dressed.

A year in the making, The Dresser was a live show performed at McColl Center for Art + Innovation.

The Cocktail Maker (Rube Goldberg)

A machine that makes a cocktail for entertaining my friends.

Life or Death Machine

This is the result of a one-week workshop I did with students at Ars Electronica in the Youth Exchange Program.

FIRST EVER 360° Rube Goldberg Machine

I've partnered with Sam Cannon (www.

Jiwi's Machines - Episodes

Crumbs! - Jiwi’s Machines Ep. 1 - FULL EPISODE

A machine feeds Jiwi toast and orange juice while he studies how to build a jetpack.

It Has a Virus! - Jiwi's Machines Ep. 2 - FULL EPISODE

A package arrives for June just as she is leaving for a date.

Changing the Lightbulb | Jiwi's Machines Ep 3 | FULL EPISODE

Jiwi’s work on his rocket launchpad is interrupted by a faulty lightbulb.

Recipe for Disaster | Jiwi's Machines Ep 4 | FULL EPISODE

Just as he is about to test his rocket launchpad for the first time, Jiwi is distracted by the most beautiful cake he has ever seen.

Opening Presents Early! | Christmas Special | Jiwi's Machines

Can Jiwi resist opening his present before Christmas?

Life Devices

The Stamp Licker | Life Device #1

I hate the taste of stamps, so I made a machine to help.

The Power Nap Machine | Life Device #2

I love napping.

The Tooth Brusher | Life Device #3

You're supposed to brush your teeth for 2 minutes, but I find this difficult.

The Sauce Squirter | Life Device #4

Don't you hate it when you can't get the last bit of sauce out?

Fool-Proof Roast Turkey | Life Device #5

A simple recipe for Thanksgiving turkey, guaranteed to give you a moist delicious turkey every time.

How to Wrap a Gift in 10 Seconds & Decorate a Tree!

I use 7 pads, a drill and a bicycle wheel to wrap a present.

TV Appearances

Joseph's Machines on Brain Games | National Geographic

Joseph is a guest on National Geographic's Brain Games in their episode about common sense.

Joseph Herscher on Sesame Street

Murray and Ovejita meet a kinetic artist Joseph Herscher and he makes them a plant-watering device.

Free Beer Machine! | Beer Pourer on CBS's Limitless

Here's a machine Joseph made for an episode of Limitless.

Workshops with Joseph

La Macchina Botanica at Venice Biennale | How to Water a Plant (Rude Goldberg)

A Rube Goldberg machine for watering a plant.

Beam Camp Brooklyn Inventgenuity Rube Goldberg Machine

Designed by Joseph Herscher and built by the Beam Camp staff and attendees of the 2011 Boston Inventgenuity Festival.

For Brands

Milk Mustache Remover

This video is brought to you by Toma Leche (@tomaleche).

המתכון ללחם המושלם | Bread Goldberg Machine

מאפית ברמן, הקיימת משנת 1875 (!

Behind the Machines

My First Inventions - Surprise Ending!

I visit the house where I grew up and track down my earliest inventions, for turning off the light, reading, and playing fooseball.

Joseph Gets Dressed | DOCUMENTARY

Joseph Gets Dressed is a documentary short following Joseph Herscher as he transforms ordinary household objects into an elaborate Rube Goldberg Machine that will dress him from head to toe.

360 Rube Goldberg - BEHIND THE SCENES

Here's how we made the 360 Rube Goldberg machine.

Behind The Scenes - Secret Postal Worker

Here's how I made Secret Life of a Postal Worker, plus fails and bloopers.

When Machines Go Wrong! | BLOOPERS

Outtakes, bloopers and fails from my Life Devices (the Tooth Brusher, the Sauce Squirter and the Power Nap Machine).